Sunday, 5 August 2012

2 Days, 1 Rachel.

Let me just say, because my computer cord decided to literally fuck me over.
I couldn't blog last night, it felt odd.
So the food ting is. You guys get a two for one!
How. Fabulous. I. Could. Die. OMG

So yesterday, early in the am/afternoon my friend and moi went to Wimpy's.
Never been there, but why not!
It was good, decent, cute and I almost died (code word for 'pee') when i saw vintage Elvis, Marilyn, James Dean and Shirley Temple esque children picures on the wall.

^I know you are but what am I

Cliche Rachel breakfast when I have no idear what to get.
Monster breakfast! (The real name had something to do with it being the 5star breakfast)

His brunch. The one down from mine


tree sum??

H&M top.
H&M pants.
H&M glasses.
Bluenotes loafers.
Michael Kors Hamilton Tote purse.
So yesterday I forgot to tell yah! omg I must.
So some tool pulled he fire alarm in my building, that means the elevators were out of order till several hours later.
Didn't go outside before we went to Wimpy's like I normally do before I go out to see if my outfits are Weather appropriate. Cause I can't melt, yah know.
So i take the million flights of stairs down. Which wasn't bad because I take them all the time after I jog...
But the second I left the building and entered the human oven.
It was Horrid!! So hot and thank god everything I wore was thin. Or oh god.

OHHHHH and let me just say.
We got the 'Loser seats'
You know the last seats in the restaurants right near the kitchen entrance/exit??
Yah... There.
But it really wasn't that bad.

oh em gee.
Can't live without XXX Vitamin water.

Driving outside barrie to look at more rich people houses, that we can't afford...
Does 'rich people' deserve capitals? Cause, they're rich and all... 

Driving past a farm sparked (I think) the idea to go to..
Wait for it....
Oh my fu*k

Ha suck it!
Be jealous :D
#VHS #1990s #90skid


Alma, bluenotes loafers

I'm not even being sarcastic. I need a rain poncho and it has to be blue.
Or pink. Just gimmie!

Pre tan before the flea market!

Ps. Incase you was wondering.
Ralph Lauren shirt

tattyy poo

You dont need to tell me..
i know your jealous.
I'll show you the puzzle when its done.

Off to future shop to get a laptop charger/cord.
Lindsay you were fabulously quick. Thank you!!!
Finally someone who understands life!

Ew I can smile to. Sorry

Rain, rain. Dont go away... I love you.

Heart attack in a can.

Flea market poutine. So good and soo cheesey.

i look like a hunch back. Its not me I swear...

Hot wheels, eat that!
woops... Beat that!

I need to show you something I've been dieing to have for a whole month.
I was so worried it was going to sell because I have gone to the Antique mall (which is right beside the Flea market) in weeks.
So my friend and I went back and it was still there.

omg omg omg omg.

Its a vintage lace 1920's flapper dress with a faint peachy white, off cream slip under it.
Which DETACHES!! So I can wear it seperate.
It may sound odd but I've always wanted to do it. Since I saw a Dolce and Gabbana add a few years back.

The detailing is beautiful, its super delicate feeling but it feels so sturdy and amazing quality.

The side bow. Dont get me started
#marryme ?

The sleeve. omg omg.

The front. Look at it!

The back:)
Te buttons are so pretty!

Because I now am a proud owner of a VHS player.

Side note
Let me just say, I was never able to afford, well not afford but we had a family tv so it wasn't seen as practical for me to have a tv with a VHS player attached when it wasn't needed.
So I could never have one:(

Back to what I was saying.
Because I now am a proud owner of a VHS player,
I obviously need to buy movies.
So we bought some :)
i picked 4 and he picked 3

My picks:
Rocky Horror Picture Show,
Some like it hot,
and the original
Prom night!

A Christmas Story
Fast times at Ridgemont High
Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

All these movies we've been talking about and were like
"omg if the have them, I absolutely need them"
Actually that was mainly me. But whatever,
We have them now!!

Now that the day is basically done for me.
Im headed to the drive in for the first time ever.
Really excited!
If you read this and your in the Barrie area. COME!
and come say hi!!

xoxo, Rachel Rehling.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite.

Currently listening to Shes so high By: Tal Bachman
I have a feeling he was a one hit wonder, but this is the only song I've heard of him so whateva gurl.
The night before yesterday, I died my hair. Cause obviously, pretty only comes in a box.

Before heading to the city to some meetings, what a contrast..
Michael Kors Hamilton tote, and Wonder Woman sneakers. :) cute

Seriously, tried to do 'sexy face' did it work?

Girl powerr

Not this exact one, but the actual... oriental (is that the right word?) one is the reason why I have better than good skin!!

Im not even going to re open this can of worms.
Fuck you cookstown mcdonalds.
and your stupid 12 year old employee who couldnt process how to cash a happy meal....
I cant eat two toys fool!
Anywho, they got a good minor cussing.
sorrryyyy (not actually sorry)

^ 2nd favourite picture of the day!
Heading to a meeting!!

^Lets not point out the obvious, my legs are much darker than my upper body and I have no idea why!!

After looking in countless vintage designer consignment shops, and strolling downtown... We passed a place.

You may wonder why I'm here having a drink....

Maybe waiting 10 minutes for something?

HERE!! We went into a tattoo shop, my friend and I and decided to get random/ spontanious tattoos
Even though I've wanted mine for YEARS.

Was a little nervous cause it didnt have shading in it, but I was excited to see what Lorena could work with her magic!

This was so exciting and Lorena was AHmazing!

Not actually in pain. We thought it would be funny
She was so quick and for me, it was basically painless. Still a lot of funny feelings though!!

^sexx? No...

So happy with it!! THANK YOU MY SPANISH JESUS!!!!


After that hour of my foot being, what felt like assulted.
We went to my favourite pizza chain/shop that I havent been to in ages.
I get 'God father deep dish'
omg omg omg *drooling*


Yupp. That $_ _ _ . _ _ Purse is on the floor.
Dont kill me fashionistas!

I got you babe <3

After a super, super long day we stopped by my mothers house for a visit.
Got there for about 11 pm because she can't give a direction to save her life!!
My baby and I, in the picture above.
I dont see her much, cause I'm always so busy with work, meetings etc. Or just being too far.
But shes my rock. I love her, she keeps my sane.
I love my baby!!
I love you my Mya Moo cow <3333333333

Its not noon and I'm off to start my day!!
Should be interesting walking on this foot all day

Hope ya'll are fabulous and well:)

xoxo, Rachel Rehling.